Jim Richardson

Jim Richardson

Investor + Consultant


Jim is an investor and consultant with a broad array of experiences and interests. Over the course of his 30 year professional life, he has been involved in a number of varied and substantial real estate ventures including the scale up and management of one of the most successful and largest public REIT's for which he remains a director. His broad experience has led him to advisory, mentoring and board roles for a number of for profit, non-profit and ministry enterprises ranging from software, e-commerce, international product development, manufacturing and distribution, music/media development and marketing, early stage venture capital and farming/ranching.

With particular personal and professional emphasis on vision, strategy and execution, Jim focuses on opportunities with a compelling idea or business plan that actually matters and has real impact potential, championed by highly competent and serious people with integrity, character and honorable purpose that are of genuine personal interest providing a learning opportunity through his involvement.