David Oshinsky

David Oshinsky

Founder, Cadence Law


Raised in East Coast suburbs and schooled twice in the Ivy League (please don't embarrass him by making a big deal of that), Dave manages to possess very few elements of the East Coast Ivy stereotype, nor does he resemble the collective image of a "lawyer." A lover of technology, an avid squash player, and a sometimes serious cyclist, he is bona fide obsessive in all things wine, coffee and music. He is a maniacally devoted dad to Jack (b. 2010) and Max (b. 2005), and has the look and attitude of a gracefully aging rocker. He hears "Wow, you look so much like Frank Zappa!" a lot. And he doesn't mind one bit.

After law school in New York City, Dave landed in Phoenix, for a one-year appellate court clerkship that preceded his short and sufficient big firm stint in LA. Dave quickly found a path that better suited him at a small, entrepreneurial firm. There he developed his skills across corporate, intellectual property, and general commercial transactions for startup and emerging companies. He eventually struck out on his own... and the rest is Cadence Law history.