Idea Lab

The Mill Idea Lab is a place to test your idea. We give you the tools and experiences to experiment, explore, and transform your good idea into a great business.

What You Get

  • $5000
  • Two months of free office space at The Mill HQ
  • In-depth orientation
  • Access to an extensive network of mentors
  • Invitations to The Mill events Support and connection to the growing community of Millers

What You Give

  • The Mill Investment Agreement 2016
  • Commit to regular check ins and mentor meetings
  • Commit to pitch practice
  • Agree that The Mill has rights to invest in future funding rounds
  • Sign this contract

When It Happens

  • Applications are currently closed for 2016
  • About 5 - 10 ideas are funded annually

How You Get It

Applications are currently closed

You may submit more than one idea.